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Stations of the Cross - Beginning

Starting the Journey to the Cross

We walk with the poor man Jesus, the Son of Justice, the one who judges the nations and the people with the power of justice because he has suffered unjustly at the hands of all men and women.

Megan McKenna in “The New Stations of the Cross”

Each station follows a similar pattern. There is a video to watch that includes a reflective activity for you. Please scroll down on each page for further notes, questions, and activities including sharing comments. Several stations invite you to share in the comments section about what comes to your heart.

Take your time in this journey. It is designed to be experienced in one sitting but if you need to leave and come back, you can just return to whatever step you left. To do it in one sitting will likely take at least 45 minutes.

As you heard in the video, there are some supplies to gather before you begin.

  • A blank piece of paper for writing on

  • A marker or pen

  • A piece of scrap paper or scrap cloth

  • A piece of string or ribbon at least 8″ long (but longer might be helpful)

  • A band-aid

  • A place to wash your hands

  • A bottle of vinegar and a small glass

  • A nail, a toothpick, or a pin

  • A seed and a place to plant it

Before you advance to the first station, take a few slow, deep breaths to center yourself for the steps ahead. Take a few more. Let’s begin.

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Imago Scriptura
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