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Placing My Focus

Annoyances, beauty, both?

This morning, I woke up pretty cranky and annoyed.  I didn’t sleep well, some plans had to be changed around our family time away, and a few other things - what the causes were aren’t important but instead how I was feeling when I got up this morning. I am glad that no one else in the family encountered me first thing this morning.  But Scout still needed to be walked so out we went.  It wasn’t long before my heart was touched along the way.  We weren’t 15 minutes into our walk when I saw this tiny purple bloom in amongst all the longer growth around it.

This was followed by a series of other moments of single blooms standing out against a wider background which you can see here in the above video (with B&W selective color moments to emphasize the flowers).

The final image in the video was the only burst of sunlight during the walk this morning and it came as we were wrapping up our walk.

I sent all this to my wife because I was deeply touched by what I experienced this morning and I wanted to share it with her.  As I had been walking, I began to realize all the benefits of the change to our trip while also still acknowledging a few of the drawbacks, one of which is that it will be another day until we join up with her (she had to travel separately).  As I was finishing my message to her, the song I was listening to had the lyrics “breathe it in, breathe it out, and let it go...”

So matters what we center ourselves upon.  Up to that point, I was centering on all the things that were annoying and frustrating me and when I finished the walk, I had a very different perspective.  My spirit was lighter and I was probably a lot better to be around. I am grateful for the years of work that has helped me get to the point where I am able to move away from just the annoyances to the beauty and the gratitude.  It hasn’t been easy - there’s a lot of work that has gone into it but I’m getting a lot further along and this morning was one of those moments.  I am grateful.

(PS - I know I have been putting up a lot of posts recently, so if you feel I am spamming you with reflections…so sorry… the muse is speaking!)

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