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Last Reminder for An Active Advent

Advent begins tomorrow morning

Friends, just one last reminder about An Active Advent. The Christian faith begins the season of Advent tomorrow and continues that season until the celebration of Jesus’ birth on December 25. There are three ways you can receive this devotional during this season ahead.

  • Subscribe to Imago Scripture for just a month (or for the full year) and you’ll receive a daily email during Advent with the photo, a reflection, and an audio/visual version of both as well. I have uploaded the introductory video above. Just click the button below to subscribe.

  • Purchase the PDF of the full devotional by clicking here. You’ll then receive a follow up email with a link to download the full PDF.

  • Full print devotional. This will be a week or so to arrive from blurb but if you email me after purchase, I’ll send you a copy of the PDF as well. (Side note - blurb does not share purchaser information with writers, so I do not have contact info for those who purchase). Click here to purchase from blurb.

This is the last “reminder” for the devotional ahead. I’ll have other reflections during the month that will go to all participants as well.

Grace, Peace, Love, and Joy,


Imago Scriptura
Imago Scriptura
Edward Goode